How to merge two Facebook pages or fan pages

Many companies manage their presence on Facebook incorrectly. Instead of having a fan page, they have a personal profile, or a personal profile and a fan page -both with the same name- or two different fan pages, with different names but referring to the same company. If you find yourself in any of the scenarios stated, don’t worry. I am going to explain what we should do to solve it, either by merging the fan pages or by migrating the personal profile to a fan page to later merge them. INDEX [ HIDE ] Fusion Fan PagesScenario 1 . I have two fan pages with the same name.

personal profile and a fan page How to merge 

Carolina is the administrator of two Facebook fan pages. Both refer to the same business, the veterinary clinic where she works as a community manager. The two pages are called “Animalia Veterinary Clinic”. She currently only posts on one of them, but the one she doesn’t post on has executive email list  fans. If she eliminated it, she would lose them, and she doesn’t want to. What can she do? Very simple, merge them. To merge two fan pages, access “Settings” on the page you want to keep, and in the “General” tab, in the penultimate item you will find the option to “Merge.” When you

Two fan pages with the name.

click here, it will ask you for your password and then ask which page you want to take over and which one you want to merge. As both pages are called exactly the same, to avoid getting confused and deleting the one you don’t want, our advice is to remove the avatar EO Leads from the page you are going to delete, so you can easily distinguish them. It is very important that Carolina keep in mind that the merger of a fan page is irreversible and all the content published in which they will not prevail.



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