From Lead Magnet to CEP (Content Funneling Pool)

I share with you a reflection on what content you should generate to set up an automated sales system through email marketing. Ah, yes, I already wanted to. I made up another word! Let’s see if I end up patenting it now, eh? Okay, it’s not very brilliant, but neither is the “lightweight” thing, and look, even on TV and during Sálvame time … But I wanted to get back to making up swear words, although I’m sure that now all the SEOs in the world will be throwing themselves out. hand to head saying “what a mess, man, you couldn’t have chosen a worse title.” Anyway, if you prefer, I leave you this title more “ya seo-abes”:

The scenario of simple automation with Email Marketing

Since I don’t want to get too involved with this article, since I have to buy a suit, let me top industry data explain to you, in a rough way, what we are talking about . In recent weeks (almost months) I have been helping quite a few companies set up Email Marketing systems with a certain degree of automation that help them maintain more fluid communication with their potential clients and try to “favor” them (nooooo, not force, just help or favor) that steps are taken forward in the conversion funnel.

The system consists

As you have already heard from many, of generating highly valuable content, known as . Lead Magnet, that attracts new subscribers and that you can use to promote like . Download this super guide for generating super guides for free . ” Now you understand me. However, stopping there would be providing a very limited vision of the Email Lists possibilities of current Email Marketing . Before, when the saying “the money is in the list” was born, it was. Enough to fatten it up to progressively increase sales. Now we have to go a little further. With new subscriber. With those potential customers, you will have to do classification and maturation work (known as Lead Scoring and . Lead Nurturing ) to help them on their way through your conversion funnel until, finally, they become customers.

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