How to generate web traffic to a blog quickly

Anyone who has a blog How to wants it to be a success: receive hundreds of visits every day, be invited to events, achieve new clients, have important companies call them to work, have brands want to advertise on it… But this is not easy. To achieve this, it is necessary that thousands of users visit your blog every day. In this article I am going to present some recommendations to increase the traffic of your blog .

The more visits it How to has the more successful it is

And therefore the more How to it is worth. And if those industry email list visits end up generating economic benefits, all the better. To make money with a blog we must first attract qualified traffic. Let’s see how.  How to increase traffic to a blog? Traffic through search engines To do this, it is necessary to optimize our blog according to SEO parameters . Let’s try to appear first for the search terms related to our site. In the article « How to optimize an article for SEO » I explain in more detail.

It is a technique that will also help us improve our 

A good formula to achieve this is to publish Email Lists valuable content on other blogs on the same topic as a guest author or guest blogging . Improving the users’ browsing experience Improve web usability, especially so that the average duration of each visit is longer. The objective is that once the user is on our blog, they can find other articles of interest in different ways.

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