How to be on the first page of google?

 How to be on the first page of google? Google scale google’s serp without spending on advertising. Do you have a website. But have you notic that it is not first on google? Have you decid to open a website to digitalize your business. But are you wondering how to be on the first page of google ? What’s the fastest way to achieve all this? Is there a shortcut to get results quickly? The good news is that it is possible to be first and appear on the first page on google. Without spending money on advertising with google adwords. Which is a way to gain visibility in a shorter time. As an alternative to online advertising there is seo . Another web marketing tool us to position websites on the first page of google !

How does a search engine work?

We talk a lot about seo. But what is it and what is it for? I won’t be here to make a treatise on seo. But I will give you some indications. Seo is the acronym for search engine optimization . Which new data literally translat means optimization for search engines. In other words. Seo is the study of the behavior of search engines. Of how they catalog the contents they find online. Of how to improve the visibility of a website and intercept user searches on google. In order to direct these searches on the chosen website. The set of all the actions and strategies that lead a site to be on the first page of google. Therefore. Is seo. How does a search engine work? 

On and off page SEO activities

Search engines use software. Call spiders. Robots or crawlers. Which scour the web looking for documents. Images and web pages to add to their indexes. This is the crawling activity. When a user does a search. He asks something to the search engine. Which. In order to Email Lists respond. Starts searching among the archiv documents and processes the request very quickly. Once he finds the contents that he considers best. He shows them to the user. The results we are talking about are call “Organic”. Because they are not paid for: google was not paid to provide those results. As happens with online advertising. In giving its answer.

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