Digital Campaigns for the 2019 Regional Elections in Sardinia

 Digital campaigns for the 2019 regional elections in sardinia.  Regional elections 2019 create viral content for your election campaign. The 2019 regional elections in sardinia are still far away. But it’s time to start organizing. “he who has time. Does not wait for time”. Says an old proverb and the proverbs are always right. A well-run electoral campaign is a complex operation. Which requires time. Effective tools and great volunteer support. What more effective means than digital can there be today to organize a winning campaign? 

Old evergreen mechanisms in a social key

With digital marketing you can create an effective and innovative strategy . Taking inspiration from what has always worke in the past and which is still effective. But which will be propose again in a modern key. As an alternative to or together with advertising! Old evergreen new database mechanisms in a social.  Key in 2018 do I still talk to you about “Old mechanisms” and do I talk about it in relation to digital? Isn’t that a contradiction? No. You’ll understand why later. The old system I’m talking about is the one.  Use for decades to spread propaganda when social meia didn’t.  Exist and is still use today. It has always worke and will also work in the 2019 regional elections in sardinia! 

The task of your supporters on social media

Part of the success of the old electoral campaigns was due to the activity of all those volunteers. Who supporte the candidate and his list. Widely distributing “Santini” and brochures on the electoral Email Lists program. Which they delivere by hand. Door to door. House to house . There were also posters that were poste on the walls or in special spaces. Which contribute to fixing the faces of the candidates. The slogans. The electoral program in the minds of the voters. Today there are social networks. People are hyper-connecte and follow politics online. Social meia. Therefore. Is a channel to be monitore! More support for your.  Campaign with social meia monitoring I don’t know how vast.  The territory is in which you will have to carry out your electoral campaign.

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