Keeping digital marketing in-house?

Keeping digital marketing in-house
Written by nick stamoulis
There are a lot of options for how to strategize and implement your digital marketing. The basic idea is you can outsource pieces of this strategy to contractors. You can entrust a digital agency to take care of the whole thing. You can keep the work in-house. Or you can do a combination of any of these options.
It all depends on the business. But there is no right or wrong way. As long as you find the best approach that is within budget while also maximizing results. It can take some trial and error to find the right approach for you. Here are some things to think about:
Keeping digital marketing in-house requires adequate resources

If you do any of the digital marketing work in-house

If you do any of the digital marketing work in-house. Bear in mind that it requires adequate resources. Digital agencies have a full-time staff that is design to handle large volumes of work. They are efficient and know the best approach to improve your results. Can you say the same of your in-house staff? You will ne someone to manage the strategy. Social mia. Content. Seo. Implement the work. And monitor results.
It takes more personnel than you might realize in order to accomplish this. Such as digital marketing manager or director. And at least one or two people to implement the work. Besides their salaries. You new database ne to pay for intangibles such as taxes. Benefits packages. And more. Having an in-house staff is more expensive than you might realize.

Outsourcing work to contractors can help

Outsourcing work to contractors can help. But there are challenges
Let’s say you have an in-house team that handles most aspects of the digital marketing program. However. There are some elements that your staff can’t handle. For example. Most companies don’t have the bandwidth to write the amount of content ne to truly make a digital marketing program thrive. They may feel that a viable option would be to outsource the writing.
It’s true. This is a viable option. And it may be a better choice than hiring another employee. However. It is not without its downsides. Contractors may not be as proficient as you would like a t handling content for your industry. They also may flake on deadlines or not be a great fit for your company. It’s difficult to convince a contractor to put in the Email List work to get to know your business. Too. Because most have a lot of clients they are managing and don’t have the bandwidth.

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