How to Open an E-commerce Site: Practical Guide

 How to open an e-commerce site.  Practical guide online shop how to open an e-commerce in compliance with the law. As we have said several times. Opening an e-commerce site is worth it. It’s a way to increase sales and find new customers online. But it’s also a way to lower the costs of running a physical store and start a new business. According to directive 2000/31/ec/. In fact. Prior authorization is not require. This in itself is already a great benefit. If we think about all the bureaucracy that anyone who decides to open a physical store has to face. However. There is no lack of obligations to fulfill: opening an e-commerce is faster. 

Direct sales and indirect sales

But you still have to do to be in compliance with italian law. If you were thinking of putting everything in the hands of an e-commerce site developer or a web marketer. You were wrong: the technicians have their work cut out for them. But you too will latest database have your part. Direct sales and indirect sales.  Before going on to list the mandatory requirements to open an e-commerce site. Let’s make the distinction between direct and indirect sales on e-commerce. We will nee it later. Direct sales are those that take place entirely online from purchase to delivery. 

Continuous online sales via e-commerce

Without physical support: for example the purchase of a music file on itunes or an ebook on amazon. Indirect sales . On the other hand. Are those that begin online. In Email Lists e-commerce. But end offline. Because the purchase  goods are delivere to the buyer by the courier or postal service. Occasional online sales without vat number let’s start with the requirements. Those who sell online carry out commercial activities and must have a vat number. The exception to this rule is occasional sales activities on platforms such as ebay. Amazon. Subito.It. Kijiji. In this case. If the sales activity does not last more than 30 days a year and the annual net profit is less than 5.000.00 euros (6.410.00 gross). There is no obligation to register for vat. 

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