The Bigger Picture of Managing Your Website

Therefore, As you’re deciding between Elementor and Gutenberg, let’s look at the bigger picture as it relates to ongoing website management (adding content like new products, blog articles, updating images). to look at when it comes to utilizing page builders on your website. That includes:

Templates and UX. Your website is balancing how you present your brand and ensuring that the user experience as they navigate through the site is a positive one. In addition to having (and using a brand guide), be strategic in the use of page templates, content block templates (e.g., content that are consistently used across product or services pages),

• Do I need Gutenberg if I have Elementor

Therefore,  Forms and buttons. Spending time on templates will avoid a site that feels like a patchwork quilt of various design elements that don’t quite work together.
Dev Sites. Testing on a live site isn’t recommended. You don’t want to inadvertently break a functionality or worse crash the site. Therefore, A development site is a safe environment to develop new templates, test features, and show design options in an interactive way. Sometimes WordPress just plugins don’t play nicely together and you have to troubleshoot errors.

Gutenberg is a plugin that comes as a database default editor in WordPress 5.0. For older versions, you will need to add them. Once it’s activated, you’ll automatically see it as your website’s default editor.

• Does Gutenberg work with Divi?
Therefore, For webmasters using Divi, you can use the Divi Builder inside Gutenberg. It allows you to add Divi modules or even add Divi layouts. Divi builder code can be even heavier than Elementor or Gutenberg, so be prepared to use techniques to improve site speed and other performance issues.

Can you add Javascript to Elementor


Although Elementor only shows the front-end view of a page being edited, you can still insert Javascript through their widgets. Therefore, Simply find it in the menu and drag-and-drop it onto a section of the page.

Training. Whichever page builder you use, be prepared to invest in overall training and upkeep. Like anything web related, there Email Lists are updates and routine maintenance required to keep the software current. As new features are added, your webmaster may need time to learn how these changes affect your website’s unique plugin/theme ecosystem.
Have additional questions about. Therefore, Elementor or WordPress’ Gutenberg or want to talk about your website design needs? Reach out now to get started.

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