Andy Atkins-Kruger Talks International SEO and Yandex

When most of us talk about seo, the search engines we implicitly refer to are google and bing/yahoo, but that’s about it. Do you know which of these search engines is most popular in russia? Neither! The largest search engine in russia is yandex, with millions of users and more market share than either of the other guys. You may have been wondering how to optimize your site for yandex or other international search engines. While international seo is fundamentally the seo best practices we know and love, there are some nuances to consider when trying to optimize for search engines like yandex. On wednesday at smx advanced, rand spoke with andy atkins-krüger, the founder and ceo of international seo firm webcertain, about strategies for optimizing your site for yandex and being conscious of international seo. Have any tips of your own for optimizing for yandex or other engines? Let us know in the comments!


Andy: hi, rand. Thank you for asking me

Rand: andy, can you tell us a little bit about what webcertain does? Just give us a brief introduction.

Andy: well, webcertain is an international specialist in social marketing. So we operate in 36 languages and look after people with international campaigns.

Rand: right. One of the Chinese American Phone Number List countries that you operate in and help people with is russia.

Andy: yeah.

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Andy: and going up, the share Email Lists is going up, yeah. We mainly find ourselves operating in those markets that are more difficult. So russia and china are principal markets for us. We do a lot of work in both of those markets.

Rand: that makes sense. I mean, one of the big challenges that we have that I know a lot of people in the seomoz community have, is they basically have very little knowledge of what’s going on in those particular two markets. I think south korea is the other big one that’s sort of uncertain for us. Can you give us a brief background, particularly with yandex, how did they win the russian market? Why do they continue to increase share against google? What are some big differences between how google operates and how yandex operates.

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