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Campaign call those pounds ‘Hüftgold’ in Germany. What I didn’t realize is that Patrizia herself had gaine a few kilos during the corona crisis. She looke at me a little bewildere. The name ‘Hüftgold’ apparently had sprinkle salt in the wound. . Pferdeäpfel Another brain teaser: Which German word does not belong? Äpfel, Erdäpfel, Granatäpfel, Pferdeäpfel ‘Pferdeäpfel’ is the correct answer. The German words ‘Äpfel’, ‘Erdäpfel’ and ‘Granatäpfel’ refer to fruits and vegetables and are therefore eible! This is in contrast to the term ‘Pferdeäpfel’. When we think of apples, we initially think of fruit. Janneke from Venlo too. She went looking for a summer job with the Eastern neighbors.

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On a German site she saw that ‘Pferdeäpfelsammler’ were being sought in Hiddensee. Picking apples – Janneke could do that. She had previously photo editor helpe on a fruit farm before. When she calle the German number, she soon found out that this job was a very special type of apple. Horse manure resembles apples in shape. That’s why they call it ‘Pferdeäpfel’ in Germany. Do you think the German word ‘Pferdeäpfel’ sounds strange? Just think of our word cow pie. That sounds just as strange to a German! . Tote Granny Not every German will know ‘Tote Oma’. The term originates from the former GDR.

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There it was a well-known dish that looks like a kind of knit, a real classic with black pudding. The sausage gives the dish a redish-brown color and this makes it look a bit sinister Email Lists at first glance. How did the court get its name? It’s not so hard to guess now! German humor with a wink. Ludwig from Jena in Germany told Claudia from Utrecht that it was time for ‘Tote Oma’. Then there was a moment of silence. Claudia took the German name ‘Tote Oma’ a little too literally. “Gosh, Ludwig’s grandmother is dying. How bad!” Claudia thought it was very inappropriate that Ludwig talke so enthusiastically about his dying grandmother.

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