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Unable to gutenberg we get it upfront, out-of-the-box. WordPress gutenberg blocks Here are all the default. Gutenberg blocks we can use.  Allows you to add a block of text. Heading allows you to add a title to separate paragraphs. List: allows you to add numbered and unnumbered lists. Image: allows you to add graphics and photos. Allows you to insert a quote. Cover allows you to insert a large photo to serve as a cover for your post. Gallery allows you to add a group of images. Audio file: allows you to add an audiobook, song or audio webinar.

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Allows you to place a previously uploaded file. Movies allows you to add a movie file in a standard format. Moreover, there are a dozen or so other blocks related to formatting: Formatting: code, custom HTML, preformatted text, highlighted quote, table, verse. Page layout: space, button, columns, media and text, ‘More’ tag, page break, separator. Widgets: shortcode, archives, calendar, recent comments, entries, tags, categories, RSS. Embed photo editor content: Twitter blocks, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, SoundCloud, Spotify, Check out the fastest WordPress hosting and Ecommerce hosting on the market.

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So many different blocks allow you to create not only interesting blog posts, but also basic subpages on your website. This is also one of the main assumptions of Gutenberg – to be able to create an entire WordPress website with its help. However, this is not enough for everyone. The inability to adjust columns or advanced button customization are just some of the drawbacks of the current editor. This is where custom Email Lists Gutenberg plugins come to our rescue. WordPress Gutenberg Blocks. Free Plugins To expand the functions of the Gutenberg editor.

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