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Also read Components of Business Planning and Downloadable Examples . Laundry Kilo business capital of million laundry Who says you have to have a lot of capital to start a laundry business With capital of million you can start this business by using a private house as a place of business. A kilo laundry business is very suitable if you live in a strategic location such as a campus area office or something else.

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Services because not everyone has New Zealand WhatsApp Number Data free time to clean their clothes therefore this is a good business opportunity. To start this business you only ne to buy a washing machine deodorizer and other washing equipment. Details of capital allocation The following is an estimate of the capital ne to start a home laundry business. tub washing machine Rp. . million Clothes drying equipment Rp. thousand Cici soap Fragrance Rp. thousand Plastic wrapping Rp. thousand Weighing Rp. thousand Promotion banners banners etc. Rp. thousand Water electricity IDR thousand The total capital details above are IDR . Also read Coin Laundry Business Opportunities Capital Details and Pluses and Minuses.

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Cultivating Catfish To Latvia Phone Number List cultivate to spend a lot of capital. To save costs you can use cultivation with a tarpaulin pond or water drum system. Apart from that on the market catfish is one of the fish that sells the most so the target market is quite broad and can be said to be a promising business opportunity. Interest in starting a catfish farming business First look at the capital estimate below. Tarpaulin pool Rp. million you can get more than tarpaulin pool depending on the selling price Catfish ses fish Rp. million Catfish fe Rp. . million Micine vitamins Rp. thousand The total capital is IDR . You can save the remaining capital of IDR.

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