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Million you can buy repair equipment us laptops and other things as repair tools. The following is an estimate of the capital requir for a cellphone repair business. Second hand or us laptop IDR . million Cellphone repair equipment screwdriver set soldering iron and the like Rp. thousand Us display case Rp. million Promotion banner banner Rp. thousand The capital you ne is around IDR . Usually if there is hardware damage and nes replacement then you can ask the consumer for capital or down payment to buy the hardware.

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Also read and Recommendation Netherlands WhatsApp Number Data s for the Best Reseller Applications . Fri Chicken Franchise Dont have cooking skills but want to open a culinary business You can choose a franchise business. Franchise m is a business opportunity that you can run without having to bother deciding what products you want to sell. By working together or buying a franchise you can immiately start the business without having to think about what to cook how to season the dishes and so on. One franchise business that has good opportunities is the fri chicken franchise.

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Chicken is one of the foods Uk Phone Number List that Indonesians like. You can choose or buy a fri chicken franchise brand that is well known among the public to make it easier for you to gain trust and sell easily. Details of capital allocation The following are details of the capital requir for a fri chicken franchise business. Showcase mini shop IDR . million. thousand Packaging plastic Rp. thousand Raw materials Rp. . million Condiments Rp. thousand The total capital you ne is IDR . . Fruit Juice Drink Business business capital of million juice With capital under million you can open a fruit juice drink business on a small scale. Moreover fruit juice is a healthy drink and is lik by many people.

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