Cirque du Soleil, User Experience and Storytelling

Not suitable for insensitive minds. one of the Cirque du Solei shows with a User Experience that leaves no one indifferent. I tell you in this article from my own experience. I admit it, I was excited like a little girl living inside a story tailor-made for creative minds with a powerful imagination. No matter how much I tell you, no matter how much you watch videos, no matter how much you read about it, you have to live it. Koozá is a User Experience that must be felt on the skin.

User Experience in an unconventional circus

User Experience in an unconventional circus. Forget about the traditional circus that those of us in our forties, even millennials in their early thirties, experience. Don’t expect animals, bearded women, or conventional clowns. It is the evolution of 200 years since the first modern circus. It is another level of spectacle and, therefore, of User Experience. Today I want to talk to you, not only top people data about UX or User Experience , but about all the Storytelling and Branded Content that exists around the brand and in each of its shows.

Storytelling of the Cirque du Solei

Storytelling of the Cirque du Solei. The founder of the Cirque du Soleil is Guy Laliberté . Obviously he never thought that this brand called Cirque du Solei would have the reach and value, economic and emotional (for millions of people) that this sum of several shows has today where the User Email Lists Experience is more than guaranteed in each of them. Like many entrepreneurs, his work was his passion and his lifestyle, and like only a few entrepreneurs,

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