Free Emotional Marketing Webinar

 I suppose that many of you will be on vacation, or about to pack your bags and go to disconnect alone or with your family for those more than well-deserved days of rest. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be present at my next free webinar. Today I am writing to you from Gijón, Asturias. We are going to be here for the month of August and part of September, in the summer house, where the initial idea was to slow down the pace of work, relax, recover energy and blah.

Free Emotional Marketing Webinar

Free Emotional Marketing Webinar. But today I want to focus on telling you more about my next free webinar that I am preparing for you on Emotional and Experiential Marketing. Take note and AGENDA FOR AUGUST 15 AT 8 pm (Spain time). You can sign up whenever you want, and email leads remember that if you can’t be there for that date and time, it’s okay, because I will send you the recording the next day. As long as you have registered for the webinar, of course.


So that you know a little more about what you are going to learn during one hour in my free webinar, I leave you some important Email Lists points: Know the basic emotions of consumers and how to use them in your content. You will learn my Theory of The 4 Pillars of Emotional Marketing. Mark Gobé’s 10 Commandments to focus your own objectives based on them. The barriers that society and the market place when creating an Emotional Marketing campaign Create emotional content for your social networks, blog, Newsletter, etc. and reach the hearts of your followers, leads , consumers and clients.

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