Learn About the Digital Privacy Scenario in Latin America

Information and communication technologies, the constant. Search for personalization and other resources available on the Internet to optimize sales mean that. Many times, companies play on the edge of violating digital privacy. Learn About There are many questions that arise around this topic and we will address them in detail below. We live in the age of data. Companies make decisions based on information collected through systems and take advantage of. What they know about users and customers to improve marketing processes .

Learn About Greater Possibility of Attraction

Logically, by having interesting data email leads about a specific user at hand, brands have a much better chance of attracting them. For example, through a simple look at a person’s social networks it is possible to know, in most cases, what they do, what they think about certain public issues and what their preferences and perspectives are. Access to people’s data in the digital world allows you to enjoy a direct line of communication with potential clients.

When is a User's Digital Privacy Invaded

Let’s debunk a few myths and paradigms. The time has come Email Lists to evaluate what can be considered an invasion of digital privacy and what cannot. To do this, we will answer a very precise question in each situation. When the answer is no and the information in question is truly personal, we can consider this a breach. So, without further ado, let’s analyze some of the most “aggressive” Marketing practices, from the point of view of data access and use.

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