The in-person Master and university degrees

A while ago I wrote about Online Training in this article. I was talking to you about the advantages and disadvantages of this learning format, of which not everyone is a faithful lover of it. The in-person Master is another type of training that I will tell you about in this post. But virtual learning has its entourage of followers, defenders ad nauseam, and also its detractors.

Differences in University modalities and the Master

Differences in University modalities and the Master. One of the most obvious reasons for training is precisely to stand out in the professional market. One way to do this is to specialize in a specific area within the sector that you are passionate about. In the case of people with higher degrees, this can be done thanks to postgraduate training. For newcomers to the world email contact list of training, it is that which is carried out after previous university studies. But within postgraduate training there are different teaching modalities.

The official master

The official master. It is the one that is accredited by the National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation. And in case it doesn’t sound familiar to you, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports, to which ANECA is affiliated, will surely do so. Or (as if that were not enough) by the evaluation Email Lists bodies determined by the Law of the Autonomous Communities. That is, they are approved at the European level and give access to doctoral studies.

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