Content Syndication What It Is and How to Get Started

Ever noticed how an article that appears on Reuters later re-appears in multiple publications? This is known as content syndication. Besides getting more eyeballs on your content, there are tangible business benefits to syndication too. Get referral traffic Most websites that republish your content tell their readers where it originally appeared—and link to the original source. If readers enjoy the syndicated piece, they may click through to your website for more. This is how James Clear got tons of referral traffic to his site; he was syndicating to Lifehacker. Get email subscribers Sarah Peterson accumulated over 1,000 new subscribers by republishing her article on EliteDaily.

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Getting the editor to allow a link back to her course in her bio. Some people worry that syndicating their content will cause duplicate content issues and result in a company data Google penalty.  Deceptive practices like this can result in a poor user experience, when a visitor sees substantially the same content repeated within a set of search results. But Google also understands that content often appears on more than one site for legitimate reasons, as is the case with content syndication. You’re not trying.

If you’ve already seen an author’s content syndicated on a couple of sites. Chances are they’re syndicating to other places too. To find these, paste the author’s site into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, go to the Backlinks report, then enter one of the footprints above in the “Include” box. This will surface sites that have republished content from your target domain. Just remember that big sites have different journalists for different topics, so make sure to do your research and reach out to the right person.

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Results and rank your content multiple times; you’re. Just trying to get more eyeballs on your content by tapping into other sites’ audiences. Google has developed Email Lists ways to account for this and has confirmed that there’s no such thing as a duplicate content penalty. Publications make money off advertising. More page views mean more advertising revenue.  Therefore, to get syndicated, you need to lay the groundwork and create noteworthy content. 

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