You can’t make every customer successful

You cannot guarantee the result to all clients. It doesn’t matter that you think everyone needs your product or service. Ideal clients, those who get the most benefit and for whom your solution works best. Have the right set of problems. In the right circumstances, with the right characteristics. With the right motivation, supported by the right beliefs, the right behavior. You can’t Therefore, And the right amount of money. Define who you should work with if the ideal conditions are not in place for your solution to generate the best results. Evaluate whether it is worth working with that client. Accepting that project or if there is a way to adapt some variables. Although everything in life is possible, not all of us are capable of everything and there are some things that cost us much more than others.

Define who you should work with

This means, from the point of view of your business, that not all prospects have “the material or the necessary potential” to achieve a certain result. For example, suppose we are going to train a group of professionals to speak in public. His promise as executive email list a coach is that those who take the program will eventualaly be able to express themselves naturally and spontaneously in front of a crowded audience, without getting tachycardia. The idea is that they enjoy it and can connect with the audience to achieve the maximum impact of their message. Do you think anyone could achieve it?

Have the gallantry to say, “I'm not what you need

Therefore, Knowing that some people are more introverted than others. That some feel more comfortable speaking in public than others, or that there are those who are distressed by the mere fact of imagining themselves being the center of attention. Do you Email List think that each person will achieve the same result? Probably not. This does not mean that you cannot work with all personality profiles and try to turn each one into their best version. The point is that you can’t promise the same outcome for everyone.

You must know how far you can go and how far you are committed without eroding your brand and positioning. Because the last thing you want is dissatisfied customers commenting that they did not achieve the results you promised. Just as not all schools are for all students. Universities conduct admission tests to determine profile fit or organizations implement strict recruitment and selection processes.

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