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Design the infographic When designing the infographic you must: Achieve an original style. look at other infographics to get ideas but avoid copying. Infographic 6 this and that as you will lose originality. Impact : An infographic must be graphically rich with images that attract the user’s attention. Choose an attractive color – Use colors with good contrast to make the infographic easier to read. If you are not sure what color to use, look at examples on Pinterest and write down. Add icons: An infographic should have icons to highlight. Select typography : pay attention to the font and font size you use in the infographic. It must be understandable and read well. Check out fonts on Google Font or If you are looking for different and quality sources, look at this post.

Infographic 6 Use professional

Improves the SEO of the email leads company’s website : through the free links obtained with infographics from other websites. They send a clearer and easier to understand message : infographics summarize the topics in an entertaining and educational way. They increase the time spent. On the company’s website. They generate traffic : they increase views and interactions towards the brand’s website. They reinforce the company’s brand image : infographics include the company logo and are easily remembered thanks to their visual appeal. Thanks to graphic support and schematization. It allows you to send creative bulletins or newsletters to the company’s database and leave aside the typical boring emails.

Types of infographics

You can consult additional and detailed email lists information on Data Protection at this link. Some of the advantages of using infographics for companies are: Increases brand visibility on social networks. infographics create greater interaction on social networks, increasing the online visibility of the message. Demonstrate the history of the company. In a visual way on the Who We Are page. It helps to better understand the presentation of results. If you do not provide the personal data requested. In the form as mandatory. it may result in no to be able to fulfill. The purpose for which they are requested. You have the right to access, Rectify and delete the data. As well as other rights, s explained in the additional information. 

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