Types and examples of infographics

 Monitoring your social networks and the competition. Take advantage of the rise of Instagram to find viral content. Performing good content curation is a good way to find topics to create relevant infographics. 3. Organize the information collected It is important that you organize the ideas and information collected and group it by topic and subtopics. You can use a concept map like Mind Meister to visually organize ideas. Highlight the most relevant information to add to the infographic. Discard information that is not very relevant or interesting.

Types and create

The first step in making an email database infographic is to choose the infographic topic. Some general examples of topics to create infographics are: The explanation of a topic Summary of content The explanation of a product. Statistical data If you want your infographic to be successful. it is recommended that it be on a popular. Topic on social networks, since this helps the virality of the infographic in a natural way. That is why it is interesting to analyze networks such as Instagram. Facebook or Twitter to find trends. Perform good content. Curation Using the RSS readers of the blogs you like the most. Take advantage of content curation tools like  of content from other blogs.

Create a draft

 This way you will eliminate email lists much of the information collected in the previous point. Provide only useful information that captures the reader’s attention.  The infographic Once the information.To make a draft of the infographic. Determine the key points of your content. Define the title, headings, subheadings, and facts. Take into account the length of the paragraphs and points. It is possible that during this stage you will have to discard more information that you consider is not essential to convey the idea you want to capture in the infographic.

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