Electrocardiogram Tuss Code: Know What It is and How to Use It

The TUSS code for the electrocardiogram standardizes nomenclature and steps for the test in Brazilian health units. this scenario, identifying the number correctly is essential to record the ECG and ensure billing and payment due to the hospital or clinic, as determined by the ANS. this article, I gather essential information that will help you fill in documents related to the exam within the TISS standard . addition to details about the electrocardiogram and tools that optimize health management, such as telemedicine . Let’s go? What is the EKG TUSS code? TUSS code of the electrocardiogram is a number that identifies this procedure in accordance with the ANS (National Supplementary Health Agency).

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The ECG is one of those that make up the TUSS table – acronym for Unified Terminology of Complementary Health. This table, in turn, complies with the parameters of the TISS (Supplementary Health Information Exchange) standard. It was created to standardize the flow of data exchanged Greece Phone Number Data between service providers, private health operators and the ANS itself. What is the EKG TUSS code? The ECG TUSS code is 40101010 . This number corresponds to the conventional ECG of up to 12 leads , that is, the most common modality of the exam. There is also a specific code for high resolution ECG: 40101029. Both types of electrocardiogram are part of the Diagnostic and therapeutic procedures chapter of the TUSS table, belonging to the Electrophysiological / mechanical and functional group.

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Electrocardiogram used for? Identification via the TUSS code facilitates the location, description and transfers relate to. The performance of the electrocardiogram funded by health plans . Whether for conventional or high-resolution ECG examination, complying with. The provisions Email Lists of the TUSS table allows for alignment with current legislation and improves the flow of information. I talk more about three purposes of the code below. Adoption of a unified terminology Without a code that standardized data on the electrocardiogram, communication between managers, health professionals and government agencies becomes confusing.

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