Mobile SEO Tips For Everyone – Filmed on an iPad

We all use our cell phones (and those of us lucky enough, tablets) to figure out where we are and what’s around us while we’re on the go. While gps is a godsend, location isn’t the only thing you need to find when you’re out. Facebook, google, the seo blog… (I know a lot of you are watching this on a train, plane, or… Well, I hope you’re not watching this in your automobile!) – whatever you look for at home, you’re likely looking for it while you’re away from your desktop as well.

Fortunately, most of the bigger sites out there have mobile

versions of their pages so we don’t have to pinch and squint to be be able to read anything. However, most organizations aren’t willing or able to dedicate the time and resources towards maintaining multiple mobile versions of their site. How are you ever going to be able to optimize Business Owner Phone Numbers List your mobile web presence when you don’t have one?! Fret not! On this week’s whiteboard friday, cyrus from seomoz’s very own seo team gives some pointers on how to keep sites optimized for cell phones and tablets without breaking the bank or the brain. You’ll find that we used an extremely relevant device to bring you today’s wbf, so check it out! Also, read over the transcript for links and let us know any secrets you’ve discovered in the comments below.

Hi, seomoz fans. My name’s cyrus

Special Database

I am on the seo team here at seomoz. Today we’re going to be talking about seo for mobile devices. Mobile devices are becoming huge obviously. It really hit home this year when I realized that 60% of the staff here has Email Lists an ipad. That’s amazing. Just in the last few months the amount of usage and the amount of searching we’re doing using mobile devices has grown incredibly. We’re using ipads so much that today we thought we’d try something special and actually film the whiteboard friday on an ipad. So it’s kind of something new for us. Hopefully, you can search for the whiteboard friday on your ipad, watch it on your ipad, and it is recorded on your ipad.

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