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A few weeks ago I launched my very first contest on one of my various french websites. My objective was to increase my facebook fans, twitter followers, newsletter signups and improve the notoriety of my website. The contest is now over and I’ve had time to analyze the results and I must say I am quite impress

It took me quite some time to plan out my contest. I read all the blog posts and articles I could find on building an online contest but what really helped me were the thousands of contest pages which already exist on the web. So many websites are currently doing contests and you notice the size of this industry when looking at specialized websites which index all the contests online. So I analyzed about 20 existing contest webpages in my niche and took all the best ideas plus added some of my own magic to condense them into one ultimate contest page.

If you want to start a facebook & twitter contest, you’re in the right place

Building my contest page, I had a Chinese Singapore Phone Number List few goals in mind. What was my target? Anybody that speaks french (it’s a french website), that has a facebook or twitter account and that’s interested in laptop computers (the niche of my website). I needed to find what on-page elements had to be present in order to create the maximum amount of buzz and convert visitors into participants.

List of on page elements to include on your contest page. They are in order of how my page was built

Special Database

One great image at the top of your contest page. This will be the graphic identity of your contest so make it nice, include your logo if you have one. I also included a picture of the products they could win.
Describe your contest (in your text, include Email Lists links to various pages on your site. Your contest page will receive backlinks and should have a high pr. By deep-linking to your articles, you’ll send some link juice.

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