Cost and financial accounting

It uses globally accept accounting principles which makes the financial reports produc trustworthy. Comparison Because it uses a standard methodology financial accounting allows comparison between different periods within a company and between different companies regardless of their size or geographic location. Decision making Financial reports provide useful information to various stakeholders managers investors critors and government in their decisionmaking process. It helps in assessing the financial health and profitability of the business.

Regulatory compliance financial

Accounting ensures compliance Iran WhatsApp Number Data with tax laws and other regulatory requirements. Disadvantages of financial accounting Historical nature Financial accounting primarily focuses on historical data and does not provide realtime information. Therefore the figures may not necessarily reflect the companys current financial position. Ignores nonmonetary factors Financial accounting only considers monetary transactions and ignores nonmonetary factors such as employee morale customer satisfaction social responsibility etc. which can also have a significant impact on company performance. Manipulation of numbers.

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Although accounting principles

Are suppos to be objective Hong Kong Phone Number List there is some degree of subjectivity in certain areas such as asset valuation estimation of useful life of assets etc. Businesses may manipulate these numbers to paint a more favorable financial picture. Complexity Accounting standards and principles can be complex and challenging to understand for people who do not have a financial or accounting background. This complexity can also lead to misinterpretation of financial data. Also read Residual Income in Accounting Definition Formula Examples and Types Basically. are connect as an important thread in the entire business operation. Each has a unique design and purpose one focuses on providing an inside view to help management make inform decisions and the other presents a detail holistic picture of an organizations financial health to the outside world. Both have different roles but they are interrelat in some ways working together to.

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