Including the terms social selling and social commerce

Social media e-commerce marketing has a wide scope, including the terms social selling and social commerce. If we explain these 3 definitions and separate settings;

Social Selling : is the process of using social media to identify, connect and nurture sales leads.

Social Media E-commerce Marketing : is the process of branding, advertising, community management, social customer service, competitive analysis, social listening along with social selling and social commerce.

How to Use Social Media for E-commerce?

You can consider the following steps to increase your e-commerce sales and reach wider potential audiences by using social media effectively …

Building Brand Awareness

You’re going to sell a new product, but if people don’t know what you’re selling, you’re unlikely to sell. Building UK Phone Number List brand awareness is a long and tedious process. However, by using social media effectively, you can minimize this hassle and keep the process as short as possible.

For example, visual/video sharing, interesting captions, collaborations, etc. that appeal to people who will be interested in your product or service. Processes like these help you build brand awareness over time. You can use social media ads to speed things up a bit.

Your advertising budget may seem low for you at the beginning of this process. However, it will be useful in terms of catching the right target audience and pointing it out for the future.

According to the latest statistics;

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  • Facebook ads can reach 190 million people.
  • With Instagram ads, 140 million people can be reached.
  • 170 million people can be reached with LinkedIn advertising. Email Lists

By using Conversion, Catalog Sales, and Store Visits in Facebook and Instagram ads, you can attract people to your store, a specific product or collection. For example, you can attract the attention of your target audience by highlighting sponsored posts with calls to action such as “ Shop Now ” on Instagram.

However, just creating ads does not contribute to you. When creating your ad, you must provide the right campaign, the right ad format, a combination of images and calls to action. If you’re  sure you’ve identified the right audience, choose the right format and make the campaign stronger. The main format categories on

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