Informal communication based on everyday

Musical, artistic and social events. Underestimate the Informal communication contribution of an effective digital marketing strategy. Below are a few ideas that will contribute to improving the results of your mall’s digital marketing campaigns:

Malls must connect with their Informal communication visitors by becoming part of their emotions, experiences, leisure and entertainment choices. While adapting this process to the style of the mall, informal communication based on everyday

language should be used at the same time

Today’s customers, especially young people, pay attention to shopping from brands that are sensitive to social responsibility as well as low prices. Shopping malls should also start to focus their attention on corporate social responsibility and give importance to initiatives related to responsible consumption, environmental impact, health and proximity.


Changing consumption habits indicate that people are starting to prioritize customization over standardization. Still popular fashion chain stores continue to be the driving force for shopping malls. But boutique stores with their special and unique products, in-mall hand Armenia Phone Number List market exhibitions, organic product markets are good options to attract visitors who value personalization to the shopping mall. Innovative shopping centers take care to organize such events on a regular basis. The goal is clear: to create levels of experience and entertainment that can never be achieved on the Internet.

Keys to a successful digital marketing strategy for malls

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Mall operators aim to provide shoppers with a tailored experience by offering new and innovative stores or  Email Lists experiences. You can say that we already know and apply most of what we wrote above. In most cases, traffic will be generated by classic ‘drivers’ (large supermarkets, big fast fashion retailers, cinemas, etc.), but you should definitely not

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