These segments are common features

Based on the information above, you can categorize your visitors, divide them into segments and produce solutions for their expectations, determine new stores to be opened in the shopping mall, plan events, etc. You can perform your activities much more result-oriented. Apart from these, there are

A few more mall visitor segments you should be aware of:

  • Mall Traveler: People who naturally enjoy browsing the mall alone or with friends. Even if they don’t shop, they like to be in the mall in their spare time.
  • Opportunity hunter: People who are excited to find discounts, especially those who follow shopping malls Argentina Phone Number List on social media and act according to deals and discounts.
  • Families with young children: Shopping centers are great places for families with young children. They have the opportunity to be alone with the playgrounds that they will entrust their children with.
  • High school students : They usually prefer to hang out in the shopping mall when they should be at school. Playgrounds and dining areas are their favorite spots.
  • Therapeutic shoppers: People who shop for therapy and stress relief.

Shopping mall visitors all over the world. You should definitely consider these target audiences in your marketing plans. Finally, the four main characteristics that define the behavior of today’s shopping visitors are as follows:

Enjoying the experience:

New consumers are looking for experiences, not just acquisitions. It is easier to buy the product or service from the internet. However, digital media cannot create the feeling of “enjoyed an experience”. Therefore, consumers will be enthusiastic about workshops where they can buy experience in makeup and cooking workshops, etc. Workshops like these that you will organize at the shopping mall are a good opportunity for you to increase the number of visitors.

Being a part of something:

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Consumers no longer need to leave their homes to shop; they do this to interact with the community and create a sense of belo Email Lists nging. For this reason, as we have repeated several times before in this article, shopping centers should focus less on the concept of ‘shopping’ and more on their function as centers for socialization and culture. In parallel, marketing activities should be designed to attract public attention through

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