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Once the files are complete you can submit them to the nearest BRI branch. If the application is declar successful you will receive equipment such as an C machine for transactions banners agent certificates and other things relat to the business. Also read Business Tips for Surviving the Global Recession Storm How to Register for BNI Bank PPOB If BRI is with BRILink then BNI provides the BNI Agen program. This is a service for individuals and businesses.

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A banking service counter on behalf India Mobile Number Database of BNI. BNI agents have three types of services namely Laku Pandai to create a new account and withdraw and deposit money. LKD or digital financial services for registration deposits and withdrawals of emoney . Lastly electronic payments for transfers purchases and payments. With BNI membership you will get several benefits including Free registration fee Competitive fees from transactions Complete services and features Easy to obtain business capital and BNI certifies you as an agent. To register there are three ways available namely Visit the nearest BNI branch office.

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About BNI agents through India Whatsapp Number the official BNI website or branch office. After getting the information just visit the nearest branch office in your area of residence and bring the requir files namely KTP or photocopy can also be other personal identification such as a drivers license Saving book BNI ATM card Active cell phone number and email address NPWP or business documents And Passport photo. Then fill in the application form. Finally wait for your application. If it passes the bank will contact the number you enter during registration. to come back to the office to sign the cooperation agreement letter. Apart from that you also get facilities such as banners agent certificates.

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