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Once you know Cost of goods sold Cost Tax Gross profit. Shrinkage EBITEBITDA Other financial profits and costs An income statement gives you insight into your companys income and expenses. Use an income statement to see how profitable your business is. The last line of your income statement call the income statement shows the net profit or loss. If you want to assess the profitability of your business over a period of time check your profit and loss statement.

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Income Statement Definition Purpose Lebanon WhatsApp Number List and Report Form Retain earnings report The retain earnings statement or owners equity statement  lists the amount of your businesss retain earnings at the end of the accounting period. Retain earnings are profits that you can use to pay off liabilities or make investments. You can use the retain earnings statement separately. Or you can add a retain earnings statement to your balance sheet. If your retain earnings statement is positive you have extra cash to pay off debt or purchase additional assets. To create a retain earnings report you ne a retain earnings formula.

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Earnings formula below France Phone Number List Retain Earnings Initial Retain Earnings Net Profit Dividends Paid Use the formula above to help calculate your retain earnings balance at the end of each period. Also read Example of a Project Financial Report Definition and How to Make It Sequence in Preparing and Making Financial Reports sequence of making financial reports all the steps you have to do before preparing a financial report and the four basic financial reports here is the sequence for making a financial report starting from the first time it has to be prepar until the last. Income statement The first financial report to be prepar is a profit and loss statement.

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