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In addition, the access costs of Video ads are much more affordable than other advertising models. Be sure to consider this too.

Offer Discounts and Special Deals

Special occasions are great opportunities for brands to sell. Consumers tend to shop more on special occasions. But they can backfire if not applied judiciously. That’s why you have to be careful.

Don’t Ignore Traditional Marketing

This strategy is the American car rental company Lyft. In 2019, Lyft offered a $10 discount to travelers visiting places, museums and small businesses run by women. The offer was valid in 37 cities across the US and Canada, and some locations were selected by Valerie Jarrett, a former Belarus Phone Number List senior adviser to Barack Obama and one of Lyft’s current board members. Each city had a designated promo code. You can watch the details of the campaign in the video.

Having the marketing campaign both online and offline allows the brand to reach wider audiences. A particularly good idea can help you create a campaign that will be talked about for years to come.
Example, Women’s Aid, “Look at Me”

The campaign you watch in this video is an award-winning marketing campaign by Women’s Aid, which has won many awards and reached a global reach of 326.9 million people.

The project was an interactive outdoor billboard campaign.

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Women’s Aid worked with the creative agency, WCRS, and Ocean Outdoor to prepare this campaign. Email Lists

Women’s Aid has exhibited billboards at public venues such as Canary Wharf and the Birmingham Bullring in the UK. Billboard has a picture of a battered and severely injured woman. The billboard was interactive. As people passed by and ignored the billboard, the billboard would remain the same. But if people stopped by the billboard and looked at it, the bruises on the woman’s face would begin to fade and eventually heal completely.
Women’s Aid cleverly used facial recognition technology to run the campaign. They used cameras that could help detect when someone was looking at the billboard screen, which triggered the change in the ad screen. The screen was programmed to change so

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