Organize an online make-up workshop

Organize this event in the form of partnerships with the stores in the shopping mall is important for the potential.
How would you like to organize an online make-up workshop in cooperation with the shopping mall’s hair salon? Or an online Zumba session given by the fitness center trainers at the mall? Wouldn’t it be nice?

The Role of Agencies for Mall Marketing

Digital marketing agencies play a vital role in the correct. Implementation and reporting of all these marketing efforts we have written above. As a team, that will only share social media posts. Digital Belize Phone Number List agencies are also particularly helpful in designing and implementing. New and attractive actions that will increase mall visitors and contribute to bringing the online and offline environments together.

The Best Women’s Day Marketing Campaign Ideas of All Time

International Women’s Day is a focal point in the women’s rights movement.

On the relevant page of the official website of the United Nations, it is pointed out that the 1917 February Revolution, which put an end to Tsarist in Russia, started with women’s protest actions and strikes on March 8 according to the Gregorian calendar. The United Nations General Assembly adopted the commemoration of 8 March as “International Women’s Day” on 16 December 1977.

How did March 8 International Women’s Day come about?

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according to wikipedia; There are various controversial claims about the event that led to the determination of 8 March as  Email Lists “International Women’s Day”. One of these is the fact that the 1917 February Revolution, which led to the overthrow of tsarist in Russia, started with the women’s march and strikes on March 8, and the other was the union rights and women’s rights under the leadership of women workers, most of whom were socialists, in New York City, USA on March 8, 1908.


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