What is the price of being autonomous, of becoming

In complex and stressful contexts, do not dedicate. The time necessary to choose WELL the managers. Who will take care of their financial, accounting, tax or labor issues and problems. And also demand personalized and fast attention. , at least that’s what I’m looking for. Can I dedicate myself to Follow the of becoming entrepreneurship and selling effectively if. I am worried about a thousand and one past. Present and future administrative tasks and problems? Well that’s it But let’s get to today’s important question: how can we get clients and financing.

In Follow the guide to self-employment 

Which includes 15 key ideas for the initiative that appear in the image, I stated with humor that entrepreneurship is turning what you know how to do into a business, not inventing milongas and that an entrepreneur, in many cases, is self-employed. with glamour. Had to create a workshop of assistants company data who were in charge of making copies of his works and thus being able to make more. sales at lower prices. So, after presenting these data. Allow me to make a preliminary reflection. As entrepreneurs or as independent professionals. BEFORE focusing on getting clients, financing and income.


Financing and especially of becoming 

Which depends on clients and not investors, which is more important for the activity of self-employed professionals. and for online, digital and Internet businesses in general. But Email Lists first I would like us to ask ourselves this question. What is the price of being autonomous, of becoming “our own boss”? El Greco, another freelancer How much should a freelance or independent worker bill to obtain an income to that of a salaried worker.

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