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Let’s see if I can explain this well as I find it very interesting although I have never seen anything so simple before. I think it will take me a while to explain it to you as it deserves. This decoupled drip means you are not limited to a single drip schedule per session. In other words, you can now assign different drip schedules to the same course but sell them as separate products. The most obvious example is when the same course is only sold a few times a year, or has a different version every year.

 I haven’t seen this feature in other plugins, and it eliminates the hassle that often comes with duplicating the same course, for example when you want to publish it as a large first and then sell it as an evergreen course. It also centrally updates your course and drip schedules, making them more manageable. This means that the decoupled drip functionality now allows you to implement a variety of different strategies for individual courses throughout the year.

Conditional display

The last cool feature of Thrive Apprentice 4.0 is available for all Thrive Suite tools that use Thrive Visual Editor. Starting January 25, 2022, Thrive Suite will receive a revolutionary new feature called Conditional executive data Display. Conditional display will allow us to use the Thrive visual editor to create multiple versions of content within individual posts and pages on our site. However, visitors will only see the version of the content we want them to see based on the display rules we set for them. What does this mean for your business and marketing strategy?

Why adopt

You should even know that the price of this Thrive Suite subscription will increase on the same day, and I don’t know yet to what price it will increase. But this might be an interesting time to give these Thrive solutions a chance, because as Thrive tells us, if you buy now, they’ll maintain the price later. Personally, I can tell you that I’ve been Email Lists putting off Thrive Apprendice until now. I find the drip-feed process they incorporate into incredible and it is very interesting for me to better mentor my PRO Marketing Academy students. 

I will be redoing the entire Institute taking advantage of everything Thrive Suite includes, as I will also be saving a ton of money on other plugins, until now I have needed Memberpress, LearnDash and a few other plugins and themes. Now I’m getting rid of all these components and adopting Thrive components, which I’ve said many times that I love.

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