The art of cultivating clients for life

Making a sale is easy: lower the price, offer an additional benefit or promise extra. The art service and the customer will accept. It has been the formula for centuries. Now the question is, what is the point of selling once if the client does not repeat and does not recommend us? It’s like starting from scratch every day, trying to convince someone that we are their better half when they have a whole fruit tree ahead of them. It is exhausting and frustrating, ineffective and inefficient. The proposal of the book with you until death is very simple. 

How to stop thinking

Learn how to go from the first purchase to the recurrence. About transactions and think about relationships; and how to convert sporadic clients into fervent promoters of your business. The formula to achieve this is simple: and stay under the radar. That whatever you sell generates the result you promise (true to the word) and that it accompanies company data the client in the process (don’t let him die after the sale). It’s called generating results and building relationships . And to close the process with a flourish is the salesperson, who, in the best style of a chancellor, is the person who makes two apparently divergent worlds come together: that of the client and that of the supplier.

Keep your promises

The sales representative, or whoever performs that function, is the one who leads the transformation of the relationship with customers. The art He turns a summer Email List love (sporadic purchase) into a “till death do us part” (unconditional loyalty). Welcome to a wonderful world of business longevity. Welcome to with you until death .after publishing seven books and selling more than 100,000 copies. I want to share some tips and recommendations for your own process of conceiving, building and marketing your book.

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