Patient Registration: What is It, Why is It Important and How to Organize It?

More than a simple routine, patient registration is an indispensable step for the success of care. After all, the data collected and archived contribute to an efficient post-service , facilitating contact with the customer in a practical way. Which increases the chances that he will return to your health service in the future. But the importance of the tool goes further. A complete registration also reduces bottlenecks in the agenda by allowing the sending of reminders of appointments and exams , for example. Throughout this article, I explain how to organize patient data, show what the register should contain, and bring tips to speed up updating the forms .

Having the support of a telemedicine

System with electronic medical records is a good idea. What is patient registration? Patient register is the set of records of the main data of clients of health institutions. It can describe the basic information registration China Phone Number Data activity itself , such as personal data. Generally, the registration form is opened during the patient’s first contact with the office, clinic and hospital. This is because it is necessary to provide full name, address, RG or CPF number and medical insurance data when scheduling an appointment, examination or procedure. This information allows updating the health history and contacting the establishment with the customer , if necessary.

Phone Number Data

In the current era of digital transformation

Many appointments start with an online appointment , which simplifies the composition of the patient’s record, using data noted by the patient himself. However, reception and secretariat employees play an Email Lists important role in this context, being responsible for the first contact and, sometimes, for filling out the registration form at the health unit. How important is patient registration? Patient registration is essential to organize the routines of health services , providing support for attracting and winning customer loyalty. Starting from the perspective of the organization, without a process and space for records , information is quickly lost in the midst of the hectic day to day in clinics and hospitals.

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