Medical Scale: Understand How It Works and Learn How to Organize It

Preparing the medical scale is not always simple. Mainly in clinics and hospitals that serve several specialties and perform invasive procedures. The scenario is even more complex in units that provide urgent and emergency care, as they need to keep different professionals on duty . Otherwise, patients, colleagues and managers will be harmed by lack of adequate support. The secret to avoiding this problem lies in the organization of the scales , which can be optimize with the help of software such as the telemedicine platform . Throughout this text, I explain better how it works, rules and a step by step to assemble an effective medical scale. Follow until the end and stay well informed.

What is a medical scale

Medical scale is the distribution of working hours of health professionals in a health service. Although the term refers only to doctors, the scale includes all classes involved in health care, such as nursing professionals , physiotherapists , nutritionists , etc. After all, these employees are part Denmark Phone Number Data of the medical staff of clinics and hospitals and are indispensable for the care provided to patients. As with the scales developed for other types of business, the medical scale designates the workday of each employee and, therefore, must follow the labor standards regarding breaks, days off and vacations. However, setting up this structure can be more complicated than a scale for the administrative department, for example, due to the particularities of the health area .

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Starting with the need for complete

Teams to perform a surgery, for example. Units that work 24 hours a day have added the challenge of including shifts that respect the work and rest times determined by law. How does the medical scale work? The medical scale Email Lists works from a structure that informs the days and hours of work of each professional. Generally, it combines different work regimes, with freelance and self-employed employees with or without CNPJ. This is part of the complexity of structuring the scale, as there may be different rules for each type of work and professional category. Once the shifts are specifie, it is up to each one to stick to their schedule and ensure that patients are never left unattende.

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