Productivity Later Became a Separate Science

First, we need to understand that productivity theory in the modern age is the result of the impact of today’s society.
Secondly, we need to explain what Islam has to offer in solving some of these productivity challenges.

The origins of modern productivity science lie in the philosophical foundations of Western Civilization.

This foundation consists of:

When the Age of Enlightenment emerged in the mid-17th and early 18th centuries, its main focus was to invalidate all ideas that could not be proven by science.

This matter is also clouded again by the relationship of the West

Which is not happy with the position of the Phone Number List church and religion. Western Intellectuals Are Convinced That in Order. To Make Mankind Progress and Develop. Religion and Spirituality Should. Be Set Aside So That People Can Use Their Intellect for Economic and Social Progress.

This Newly Found ‘freedom’ is What Has Led to the Rise of the Modern State and Capitalism.

Starting With Frederick Winslow Taylor (1865 – 1915) Who Was Probably. The First Figure in Management Science.

He Was Obsessed With How to Develop Human Efficiency. By Documenting Ways to Improve. Productivity and Extract More Output From Workers in Factories.

This is Then Followed by Focusing on Organizational. Productivity, as Well as How Structures and Systems. Can Be Upgraded for Efficiency.

In the 1980s to 2000, technological progress occurred rapidly.

Now we live in a phase where the focus is on improving human productivity

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First, understand humans physically, emotionally, and neurologically;
And both, study various ways to develop human Email Lists potential and productivity using artificial intelligence ( artificial intelligence ) and robots.
So far, all this progress seems positive for the community.

Individuals, organizations, and governments have greatly benefited from this increase in productivity, whether in terms of individual wages, organizational profits, or the economic prosperity of a country.

Although we have made significant progress in various fields, we cannot deny that it did not come for free.

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