How Do We Use Our Lives Does It Make Sense

Have you ever wondered what is the purpose of our life in this world?

Does our existence carry any meaning?

We all know that everyone will face death. It is something that cannot be avoided.

Death makes me wonder what is the meaning of life ( meaning of life ) if in the end we will all die?

So what is the purpose of being productive and accumulating wealth, going through everything we go through on this earth if it all comes to an end?

I found the answer in the Quran when Allah said:

Most Blessed as well as Most High is the superiority of God

who controls the government of the world and the Database afterlife; and indeed He is Almighty over everything;

He is the one who has predestined the existence of death and life (you) – to test and reveal your condition: which of you is better in deeds; and He is All-Powerful (to reward your deeds), and All-Forgiving, (for those who repent)

— Surah Al-mulk Verses 1-2

Life and Death Are Created as a Test. For Us to See How Much We Have Benefited. From Our Life and What We Do When We Are Tested.

And Since We Are Going to Die, We Need to Make. Sure That Our Lives Leave a Beneficial Impact.

If We Just Do What Needs. To Be Done to Live: Eat, Sleep, Marry, Have Children. Work, Retire, and Then Die..

… then it is true, life means nothing.

More importantly I realized that if not for death then there is no meaning in life


But if we strive to make our lives meaningful and fulfill Email Lists our purpose, then it will all be very meaningful.

This brings me to the main message of this life:

— How can I continue to profit after I die?

Prophet Muhammad SAW said:

When the son of Adam dies, his deeds cease except for three things; charitable charity, knowledge that benefits others or pious children who pray for him.

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