Concept of Courtesy in Our Lives

What do you understand by the concept of courtesy?

The concept of ihsan is defined in a famous hadith when Gabriel asked the Prophet Muhammad SAW about ihsan:

Ihsan is that you worship God as if you see Him because even if you do not see Him, He sees you

— Bukhari

Because the definition of worship in Islam is broad and includes everything that God likes and is pleased with..

.. then we can expand this concept of kindness in everyday life.

Through this concept we always try to achieve excellence and perfection

Imagine we do our work with the understanding Latest Mailing Database that God sees us.

So imagine the internal motivational energy that we will get.

The Prophet SAW said:

Allah likes when someone does a work, he completes it.

This is proof of the importance of courtesy in work and that we cannot be lazy or careless in doing any work.

The Islamic civilization first understood this concept and we can see the reflection of their courtesy in the remains of beautiful art, architecture, scientific studies and in the academic field.

Their attention to every detail is unmatched in their pursuit of courtesy

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In a consumerist culture , someone who strives to be a Email Lists perfectionist in every job may appear arrogant. But there is actually a spiritual touch ( sense of spirituality ) there when he tries to achieve perfection as if he is going to present his work in front of God.

What we can do:
Do you know that whatever we do, we are doing it for Allah.

By changing our way of thinking from “I am doing this work because of the boss” to “I am doing this work because of God” , it will help strengthen the concept of ihsan in our hearts. Take the time to formulate an action plan:
Study what we are going to do and how it can be implemented perfectly.

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