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The promotion is intende to support sales, providing potential consumers with information about the availability, features and uses of the product. This is done through public relations or implementing online marketing strategies . We recommend Indirect and direct competition – what’s the difference? Marketing instruments on the services market Selling something that the potential buyer cannot touch, see, feel or hear makes service marketing a unique challenge. Regardless of whether the company sells services to individual customers or other companies.

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Using then b2b marketing – the marketing instruments liste under the 4P concept nee to be expande. In response to a more complex service distribution, the 4P concept was extende to 7P. The adde 3P looks like this: – people (People) who have become phone number list the most important part of the marketing mix. Perhaps even more important than the product itself, according to the principle “you can have a great product, but without people who want this product and sell this product, you have nothing. We recommend Market penetration as a factor of brand development Creating value for the consumer in the sharing economy.

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The critical task of any company is to “appropriate” value in the market. In the traditional economy, this process of value appropriation involves competing with other companies for customers’ time, energy and money. Collaborative consumption makes this Email Lists task harder because most of the platforms that serve as tools of the sharing economy have to compete not only with other platforms, but also with traditional companies. Before the emergence of sharing platforms, marketing strategies largely focuse on direct competition between businesses. Moreover, marketing has traditionally viewe competition through the prism of a “war” where companies fight over consumers.

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