How To Be More Creative Tol Wise

Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something.

— Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is probably the first person that comes to mind when talking about creativity and innovation.

According to him, creative people are people who use experience wisely.

Experience is the secret weapon to making the networking process easier

This is because people who are able to relate Phone Number List experience and knowledge in their head, will be able to generate new ideas.

And the reason why a person is able to do that is because he has a lot of experience..

… and understand his experience well.

When our brain cells start to connect!
Have you ever watched the Anmum milk commercial, starring Wardina Saffiyah?

In one of the ad scenes, he mentions that his son’s brain cells have connected.


In fact, knowledge alone is useless unless we can make connections between the ‘things’ we know.

It doesn’t matter what terms you use;

… ‘knowledge’ or ‘experience’ to explain the difference between the two, the concept here is the ability to make connections.

get creative
be creative by connecting knowledge to experience
Many of the great writers, artists and scientists, emphasize the importance of gathering ideas and knowledge from the world around us…  and connecting these dots to generate creative thinking and new ideas.

Lego creative These knowledge points can be analogous to LEGO building blocks

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The more building blocks we have, and the Email Lists  more various shapes and colors we have.

Then the more interesting the castle that we will be able to build later.

Because if we only have one type of color and shape, it can affect and limit what we can do.. even if it is in our own area of ​​expertise.

Why does our brain need to properly communicate with itself?
Intelligence is something that is found throughout our brain, not just concentrated in one specific area – according to a study conducted by the California Institute of Technology.

This study shows that the brain works in a distributed system.

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