Several brain regions and the connections between

Were what was most important to general intelligence,”

This study also supports existing theories about intelligence.

This theory states that intelligence is based on our brain’s ability to attract and integrate various types of processes.

For example the process of remembering The illustration below

The ability to connect ideas and knowledge  stored in memory will help us think more creatively and produce better quality work.

how new ideas and creativity are formed:

we receive information, from it we form Database an understanding (insight) and finally new ideas sprout
Our brain takes these ideas, from us and others, and stores them in the reservoir of our mind.
This knowledge will be suspended in our minds until at some point it will find the right alignment to produce new ideas. Brain cells have connected!

… in fact nine out of ten of them, do not know the reference source or the actual original source, which was involved before the work was created.

A good artist understands that nothing comes creates suddenly


All creative works are built on the results of pre-existing work.

In short, nothing is really original.

One of the good examples we can see is genetics.

You have a mother and you also have a father.

You inherit traits from both of them, but Email Lists the result is you.

Some of your traits are inherited from your mother and some are inherited from your father.

You are the result of a mixture of your mother and father, as well as all of your ancestors.

Like family genealogy , we can also have a genealogy of knowledge.

Although you cannot choose your family, you can choose your friends, teachers, music to listen to, books to read, and movies to watch.


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