Meaning brands with fewer followers have a higher

Analyzed by bazaar voice,  have an average Conversion Rate of 0.3%. It is significantly higher for brands with 10K-50K followers (2.2%), followed by brands with <10K followers (1.8% conversion), meaning brands with fewer followers have a higher Conversion Rate. In other words, the research results prove once again that when it comes to running an Instagram campaign that generates leads and sales, you should not be too hung up on the number of followers.

My Instagram reach has dropped, how can I increase it?

If you want your Instagram content to reach as many people as possible, you have to play by the rules of the algorithm. You need to post Instagram content that will attract the attention of your target audience.

How to increase reach on Instagram?

There are several ways to reach more people on Instagram. Especially for brand accounts , the algorithm rewards innovation ! New content, formats and links… So whatever your strategy,  Japan Phone Number List it’s important to maintain a steady stream of posts and never quit testing. Here are some tactics and settings you can test to improve your organic reach on Instagram:


  • Use niche hashtags to increase your organic reach
  • Reply to every comment to double your engagement
  • Post when your audience is most engaged
  • Post regularly (3-7 times a week)
  • Use All Instagram Post Formats
  • Use Instagram Stories and its interactive features
  • Post Instagram Reals posts
  • Publish photos and videos at scale, not square
  • Follow similar Instagram accounts
  • Use user-generated content and repost Stories you’ve been tagged in
  • Tag the location of your Posts and Stories
  • Tag other accounts in your posts


And our final bonus tip?

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Remember that your Instagram journey never ends, algorithm updates will continue. Your Instagram profile is like your business, which is constantly growing and evolving as you build even deeper bonds with its followers. For this reason, you should follow the continuous analysis on your Instagram account and quickly adapt to innovations. Email Lists
In this case, it may be the best solution to get support from a professional agency for the management of your Instagram account while you focus on your business. As Survivor Digital, we offer special solutions for your brand in professional Instagram management.

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