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In the case of providing services to one administrator, a more natural structure would be to use authorizations to process personal data in compliance with the relevant rules indicatd above. The use of the model with the conclusion of the entrustment agreement imposes on the processor, but also on the data controller, a number of obligations that must be performd in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR. However, in some cases, the conclusion of an entrustment agreement.

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Will be simply unavoidable and necessary to meet the fundamental principles of personal data protection indicatd in generally Latest Mailing Database applicable legal provisions.In October 2021, the Act on Loan and Aid Funds enterd into force, thus replacing the previous regulations relating to this issue, indicatd in the Act on Trade Unions. It would seem that the new text of the Act will prove helpful from the perspective of personal data protection issues.

Latest Mailing Database

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As it clearly indicates the legal basis for the processing of personal data of both KZP members, guarantors and authorizd Email Lists persons. Nothing could be more wrong, however, the analysis of the amendd regulations causes problems in the selection of the appropriate legal basis for the processing of personal data of the above-mentiond persons. Article 43 par. 1 of the Act on Loan and Assistance Funds indicates that: The processing of personal data by KZP in order to perform statutory tasks relatd to membership in KZP, including collecting membership contributions and providing material assistance in the form of loans or grants.

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