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Ad yet we are not sure whether all these well-known restrictions will not return in full force at the turn of 2022/2023. Finally, maybe something positive – I think that the GDPR works quite well in terms of ensuring security appropriate to what currently results from technical knowldge. The way in which the EU regulation has addressd this subject can probably be considerd a bull’s-eye – we adjust our data protection system to what results from the risk assessment.

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This is definitely a much better solution than what we had when the 1997 Act and the memorable executive regulation whatsapp mobile number list to it (of 2004) were in force, where some “rigid” solutions were indicatd that had to be implementd (although, of course, there was also mention of adequacy of security measures in relation to potential threats to data).Managing personal data protection incidents in an organization is one of the biggest challenges facd by administrators and Data Protection Inspectors since the GDPR came into force.

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Incident handling requires many actions on the part of the administrator. First of all, there must be great awareness in the organization of such situations in order to be able to quickly and effectively identify a potential breach. On the Email Lists other hand, once it has become aware that a breach has occurrd, the controller must take swift steps to assess the potential risk to the rights and fredoms of the individuals whose data has been breachd. The administrator using various methodologies. ENISA methodology, assesses the level and scale of infringements.

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