Search engines are one

C come Call to Action It is the call to action that color. Button with which the user is ask to perform a conversion action FIND OUT MORE. REQUEST INFO START NOW DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. D come Display Advertising Promotional spaces within portals sites. Blogs and magazines for the placement and display of advertising banners. E come Email Marketing Sending commercial emails to potential customers. Bas on profiles and interests in order to promote a product or service.

F come Funnel Funnel

Path that guides the user from Romania WhatsApp Number List viewing. An advertising message to the final goal conversion. G come Google Adwords It is Googles advertising platform thanks to which it is possible to create online ads and advertising campaigns. H come Host From the English to host these are network services. That allow you to upload the pages you want to publish online to a web server. I like Artificial Intelligence The ability of a technological system to. Solve problems or carry out tasks and activities typical of the human mind. J come JPEG Digital image compression format us to facilitate sending and uploading online.

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K come Keywords

The crucial keywords for Google Saudi Arabia Phone Number List search on the basis of which a website can be optimiz and position. L come Lead Generation Online advertising strategy to obtain the contacts of users interest in your products and services and turn them into customers. Seo and Sem to always be the first on Google Seo and Sem two famous digital marketing acronyms distinct but complementary activities essential for being found on Google by your target. of the main sources of traffic for performance campaigns. When we talk about users deriving from a search engine we are generally talking about highly qualifi traffic since a user who searches for a given topic is strongly interest in it.

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