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Conversions are therefore very high. Keywords the milestones of a campaign The fundamental concept on which a search engine campaign is bas is the keyword . Each search engine offers results bas on specific keywords enter queries. It is therefore essential to appear under the keywords most relevant to the activity or content that we are going to promote. There are two positioning systems on a search engine Natural positioning.

SEO Sponsor placement

The first activity to carry out whether Russia WhatsApp Number List it is natural positioning or sponsor positioning is a careful selection of keywords. Natural positioning SEO The best place to hide a body is the second page of Google. This is why being well position is the key to fully exploiting an important tool such as a website. Natural positioning SEO Search Engine Optimization within the SERP of a search engine occurs following a series of optimization techniques for a site to make it particularly similar to the evaluation parameters of the engine itself.

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These activities mainly

Include The selection of keywords Lebanon Phone Number List The optimization of both the source code of the page and the contents Reporting of the site through a series of links position on many other sites and portals link popularity. Natural results always appear in the main central part of the search engine. In the internet jungle getting notic is a fight against the competition. Simple thanks to search engine optimization you will cross the finish line first Sponsor placement SEM Sponsor positioning on a search engine SEM Search Engine Marketing consists of the purchase of a package of them keywords under which a given advert will appear which will lead the user to the sponsor site.

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