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There are two main types of annuities namely ordinary annuities and initial annuities. Annuities can be us to calculate loan payments monthly investments or other regular cash flow. To calculate it requires a special formula that takes into account the interest rate annuity amount and time period. For example you take out a loan of IDR million with an annual interest rate of . You agree to repay this loan in the form of a monthly annuity for years.

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How much your monthly payments  will be. Using Oman WhatsApp Number List the annuity formula you can calculate that your monthly payments will be around . Also read Company Financial SOP Examples and Download Templates Here Formula for Calculating Time Value of Money Time of value of money formula Time Value of Money Formula The formula us to calculate the time value of money consists of the following variables FV Future value of money PV Current value of money i Interest rate per period also call discount rate n.

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Number of compound

Interest periods per year t Number Singapore Phone Number List of years or length of time the money is sav Bas on the variables above there are several formulas that can be us to calculate the time value of money namely as follows The formula for calculating Future Value FV xt Present Value Apart from that you can also calculate TVM using the following formula nxt Also read ByProducts Definition and Recording in Accounting Example of Time Value of Money Calculation Questions Here are some examples of how to calculate TVM Example The following is an example of a future value calculation question A family member offers to give you Rp. and asks if you want to receive the money now.

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