There are several benefits

There are several benefits Form for business address including. Street name houselocation address number RTRW statement of truth. And validity of documents data statement of ability to comply with laws and regulations and. Willingness to move business location if necessary. arry out business expansion beyond the provisions and other statements on paper with a stamp of IDR Identity Document. If a resident of DKI Jakarta The applicants Resident Identity. Card KTP is the ownerperson in charge. If the resident is outside DKI Jakarta the applicants.

Resident Identity Card

KTP as the ownerperson in charge is USA Phone Number Data accompani by. ATemporary Domicile Certificate SKDS from the District Dukcapil or a Certificate from the Village. Head If authoriz by a power of attorney on stamp paper of Rp. and KTP of the person authoriz Family card Business Identification Number NIB. If there is none then the Statement will apply to make the. NIB stat in the application letter or statement NPWP Statement will create a NPWP. If there is none then the Statement will apply to create a NPWP list in the applicationstatement letter two recent color photographs measuring x cm four by six centimeters with a r background Photo of PUMKs place in carrying out its business activities.

Phone Number Data

Letter of recommendation

From the Village Head according to USA Telegram Number the location where the MSEs carrying out business activities are exclud from MSEs assist by Regional Apparatus by attaching a Certificatecision Letter from the Regional Apparatus Supervisor Proof of use of landbuilding location If own by yourself landbuilding ownership certificate If the land or building is rent Land or building rental agreement If land or building is b Certificate from the owner of the business location Also read How to make a business certificate from the village along with requirements and examples What are the Benefits of IUMK for Business Owners you can get by having IUMK below are the benefits you will get.

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